Akio Takeuchi

Founder / Takeuchi Manufacturing / 1933 / Inducted 2023

Akio Takeuchi

In 1963, at the age of 29, Akio Takeuchi founded Takeuchi Manufacturing. Early on, he learned that listening to customers and understanding their needs was key to achieving customer satisfaction. A few years later, a local business partner and builder approached Mr. Takeuchi and asked him to develop a machine that would help his employees do their jobs faster, easier and with less manual labor. The result was the world’s first compact excavator. Over the years, Takeuchi Manufacturing continued to grow, developing new innovations including the first offset boom excavator and the first compact track loader. 

Mr. Takeuchi established a corporate motto and business philosophy based on his customer-centric, need-based vision. The TAKEUCHI Way embraces the spirit of Creation, Challenge and Cooperation with a focus on environmental stewardship and positive societal contributions.

Mr. Takeuchi has been part of the construction equipment industry for six decades. He has not only built a solid, quality-driven compact construction equipment company, but he has also built a legacy. To this day, Mr. Takeuchi listens to the ideas and opinions of the people who are closest to the end user. He believes we should not be afraid of failure because we can turn failure into successes by learning from them. Mr. Takeuchi has always believed in the power of teamwork. He says there’s virtually no limit to what dedicated people can accomplish together.

Today, Takeuchi continues to manufacture equipment designed to make short work of tough jobs. And Mr. Takeuchi still believes that when you put your customers’ needs first, sales and profits will follow.