Our Commitment to Sustainability

AEM harnesses momentum to power, build and feed a more sustainable world.

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Working to Address Societal and Safety Issues

AEM and our member companies recognize that social and environmental challenges are complex and require transformation at all levels of an organization. Our industry is committed to supporting a sustainable world by serving as a catalyst for conversation and innovation in the equipment manufacturing industry. By transcending traditional norms, we are working to spark ideas for setting sustainability priorities for the equipment manufacturing industry and providing a framework that supports best practices for a more viable world.

For all of our 125-year history, AEM has worked to address societal and safety issues on behalf of the industry. This includes:

  • Health and well-being of the industry: Leading the effort on equipment safety through our safety materials programs, enabling the development of worldwide standards on topics related to seat belts, Roll Over Protective Structures (ROPS), cab filtration and many others. In fact, we have been a leader in promoting equipment safety since we were founded back in 1894.
  • Economic growth and security: The equipment manufacturing industry pays 35 percent above the national average for all manufacturing sector jobs. This demonstrates the commitment our industry has to ensuring employees are appropriately valued by receiving a fair and living wage.
  • Industry innovation and infrastructure: Equipment manufacturers are uniquely familiar with integrating innovative technologies into our operations and working to modernize our infrastructure, whether it includes using precision agriculture techniques to ensure an efficient harvest for farmers or deploying smart technology to ensure sustainably, efficient methods when building our nation’s roads, rails, highways, bridges, ports, and more.

We recognize our industry’s connection to the natural environment and are dedicated to minimizing our operational impact. We understand that our future as an industry depends on the responsible use of natural resources and we acknowledge the real impacts of climate change and its effect on our members, their customers and their communities today. We believe it is our responsibility to address these impacts directly as we work to help our members fully align with the UN Sustainability Goals to support a more sustainable future for all.

AEM Sustainability Council

Leading the way for long-term change.

The Sustainability Council is focused on moving the industry forward faster by aligning the industry as it prepares for increasing stakeholder expectations, existing, and developing ESG regulations to reduce member risk.

UN Sustainability Goal Priorities:

Led by the Sustainability Council, AEM has identified seven of the 17 United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals, to be priorities for our association and our member companies. The Sustainable Development Goals are all interconnected and considered to be the blueprint to achieve a better future by addressing global challenges.



Zero Hunger: Provide sustainable access to quality food in sufficient quantities.

AEM & Member Company impact: We invest in technology and infrastructure to increase the amount and quality of food produced while reducing the inputs of chemicals and amount of land and water needed.

Good Health and Well Being: Contribute to safe and healthy living environment.

AEM & Member Company Impact: We practice championing safety in all aspects of our industry from the substances used in design, to the practices used to build and operate our equipment while championing safe global standards to ensure common safe approaches. During COVID-19, we provided health and safety guidelines, resources and information to our member companies.

Clean Water and Sanitation: Universal access to Clean water and use of sanitation.

AEM & Member Company Impact: We work to reduce water use in manufacturing, increase access to clean drinking water, reduce pollution, minimize use of harmful chemicals.


Decent Work and Economic Growth: Create job opportunities.

AEM & Member Company Impact: We provide opportunities for everyone to get work that is productive and provides a fair and living wage. Our Workforce Solutions efforts helps our members connect with and retain talent.

Industry Innovation and Infrastructure: Encourage innovations in industry and processes to produce sustainable solutions.

AEM & Member Company Impact: We manufacture globally and increasingly provide innovative solutions to build infrastructure.

Responsible Consumption and Production: Smart sustainable use of natural resources and chemicals.

AEM & Member Company Impact: We work to better understand what is in our products and where they are sourced and how they are procured. Work to reduce waste and increase recycling.

Climate Action: Reducing our impact on green-house gasses.

AEM & Member Company impact: We work to reduce emissions while increasing energy conservations, while creating more fuel-efficient machinery.