Dwight “Dyke” Messinger

President & CEO / Power Curbers Inc. / 1950 / Inducted 2017

Dwight “Dyke” Messinger

Through focusing on research and development, customer service and support, and diversification, Dwight “Dyke” Messinger took Power Curbers Inc. from a small regional manufacturer to a major global player in the concrete paving industry.

Under Dyke’s leadership, Power Curbers launched the 5700 Series curb machine, a product that has had dramatic effects on industries ranging from agriculture to rail. Always seeking ways to improve, Dyke made drastic changes to the business throughout the 1990s and 2000s, including moving to a direct sales and service model, creating a lean manufacturing environment, strategically acquiring other businesses, launching a new product line of concrete slipform pavers, and enhancing customer service.

By embracing safety and sustainability before it was in vogue, Dyke instituted numerous safety and green initiatives. As a result, thousands of pounds of waste is now diverted from landfills each year. In addition, energy consumption at the facility has declined, and cost-savings and resources have been realized from recycling. Dyke has made safety a top priority in both product development and in the manufacturing facility. Always concerned about the safety of those who work around concrete pavers, Dyke initiated a gathering of U.S. manufacturers to study ways to make the machines safer through a commitment to listening to customer concerns.

Active within the industry, Dyke has served in leadership positions for both the Association of Equipment Manufacturers and the National Association of Manufacturers. Dyke is a shining example of corporate citizenship within his community, contributing to the success of the United Way, Livingstone College, Boy Scouts of America, Rowan Helping Ministries, and numerous other area youth foundations, community projects and environmental groups.