John Deere

Founder / Deere & Company / 1804 - 1886 / Inducted 2012

John Deere

John Deere was a leader in his day in vision, innovation, and improving the quality of life for his fellow citizens. The year 2012 marks the company's 175th anniversary, and Deere's influence has been felt now for almost two centuries, as his founding mission compelled this 19th century industrialist to create the machines that build and feed the world.

"John Deere" has been synonymous with equipment almost since John Deere moved from New England to Grand Detour, Illinois where his skills as a blacksmith were immediately in demand. Deere ultimately took his business to Moline, Illinois which had access to better transportation routes and essential energy sources.

If Deere could have seen the future in 1837 when he created his innovative self-scouring plow for Midwestern farmers, he would have been amazed and proud to see that his namesake company would become a world leader in machinery manufacturing.

Deere built a global company on integrity, quality, commitment and innovation - one that produces machinery with a myriad of applications in agriculture, construction, and turf care. John Deere made an everlasting mark and earned his place in the AEM Hall of Fame through the development of equipment manufacturing to its status today as a key contributor to our economic well-being and quality of life.