AEM Board of Directors Discuss Priorities, Participate in Strategic Planning Sessions



AEM Board of Directors

The AEM Board of Directors met for the first time in 2024 in Washington D.C. on April 9-10 to review a full agenda of topics related to association priorities and successes, and to participate in strategic planning sessions for the development of AEM’s next Strategic Plan. 

AEM 2024 Chair Todd Stucke opened the meeting and welcomed four new directors to the AEM Board: Jason Daly, Deere & Company, Richard Fox-Mars, JCB Inc., Keith Johnson, Kondex Corporation, and Eric Sauvage, LBX Company LLC. He also presented AEM’s 2024 priorities that were established at the end of 2023 and reminded the Board of the goals of the current Strategic Plan, which take the association through 2024. The next strategic planning process is underway, and the AEM Board participated in planning session on day two of the two-day meeting. (See Strategic Planning below.) 

AEM President Megan Tanel shared her President’s Report, highlighting top priorities related to staff engagement with the upcoming AEM Manufacturing Express and new recruitment and human resources initiatives to attract and retain top talent and develop leadership skills. 

Treasurer’s Report 

AEM Treasurer Melvin Porter with Link-Belt Cranes and AEM CFO Kathy Barke led a review of the recent audited financial statements from 2023. They asked the Board to vote to approve the audited financial statements and approve the 2024 pension contribution that was presented. 

Sector Priorities 

AEM Ag Sector Board Chair Bill Hurley with AGCO Corporation provided the Board with an overview of the Ag Sector Board meeting from earlier that day, including a review of the Ag Sector priorities for 2024. He highlighted recent successes, including Commodity Classic, Ag Technology Leadership Group priorities, aggregated stats data and the upcoming Future of Food and Farming theme to the Celebration of Modern Agriculture on the National Mall to be held May 6 – 8. 

AEM Vice President of Construction and Utility John Somers updated the Board about the CE Sector Board meeting from the morning. He shared sector priorities and highlighted discussions related to artificial intelligence, advocacy, regulatory initiatives, and data. 

Pat Weiler (Weiler), Chair of AEM’s Government and Public Affairs Committee, reviewed the actions taken during the second regular meeting of the committee, summarized the association’s regulatory and legislative work in California, encouraged member companies to take part in the AEM Manufacturing Express, and recapped the recent meeting with Stephen K. Benjamin, Senior Advisor to the President and Director of Public Engagement. 

Trade Shows 

AEM’s Senior Vice President of Exhibitions and Marketing Nicole Hallada provided the Board with an update on AEM Trade Shows, offering an update on direction of show content and strategy. She presented the 2025 budget for The Utility Expo for approval and shared some insights into AEM’s international show presence. 

Strategic Planning 

The AEM Board along with the AEM Strategic Planning Task Force participated in a five-hour strategic planning session, which was led by consultants McKinley & Associates. The agenda included discussions related to vision and strategy for the future of the industry and the association. The strategic planning process has been in development since October of 2023 and will continue through 2024. 

The next meetings of the AEM, Ag, and CE Sector Boards are scheduled for July 31-Aug. 1 in Chicago. For more information on the AEM Board of Directors, contact Megan Tanel at  


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