Last Call for 2024 Nominations: Who Will Join the Ranks of the AEM Hall of Fame?



Hall of FameThe AEM Hall of Fame stands as a testament to the innovative spirit and impactful contributions of the leaders in the off-road equipment industry. Since its inception, 69 industry leaders have been inducted to the AEM Hall of Fame for their innovations, industry contributions, leadership, and social responsibility  

These 69 visionaries and their groundbreaking work can be traced across the United States, Canada, and abroad Sixty inductees are from the U.S., with three states claiming a total of 28. Here are the top three states and their leaders: 

#3 Ohio (7 inductees) 

Susanne Cobey CEO, Eagle Crusher - Inducted 2023  

Koop Ferwerda Inventor, Gradall Excavator – Inducted 2020  

Ray Ferwerda Inventor, Gradall Excavator – Inducted 2020  

Rollin Henry White Founder, Cleveland Tractor Company (Cletrac) – Inducted 2014  

Jim Gorman Chairman of the Board, The Gorman-Rupp Company – Inducted 2010 

John Heltzel Founder, Heltzel Steel Form & Iron – Inducted 1999 

Robert H. Studebaker Founder, Laserplane – Inducted 1999 

#2 Iowa (9 inductees) 

Mary Andringa Chair of the Board, Vermeer Corporation – Inducted 2019  

Ray Hagie Founder, Hagie Manufacturing, LLC – Inducted 2016 

Robert Vermeer Chair Emeritus, Vermeer Corporation – Inducted 2016 

Jon Kinzenbaw Founder, President & CEO, Kinze Manufacturing – Inducted 2015  

Elton Long Vice President, Construction Equipment Engineering, Case Construction Equipment, Inducted 2011  

Gary Vermeer Founder, Chairman Emeritus, Vermeer Manufacturing – Inducted 1996  

William Dana Ewart Founder, Link-Belt Machinery Company – Inducted 1996  

Gary Godbersen Co-Founder, GOMACO Corporation – Inducted 1993  

Howard Hall Founder, Iowa Manufacturing – Inducted 1993  

#1 Illinois (12 inductees) 

John Deere Founder, Deere & Company – Inducted 2012 

Keith Wood Co-Founder, Woods Equipment Company – Inducted 2012 

Leonard Wood Co-Founder, Woods Equipment Company – Inducted 2012  

Mervel Wood  Co-Founder, Woods Equipment Company – Inducted 2012  

Donald Fites Chairman & CEO, Caterpillar Inc. – Inducted 2008  

LeRoy G. Hagenbuch Co-Founder & President, Phillipi-Hagenbuch Inc. – Inducted 2008  

Edward Etnyre Founder, E.D. Etnyre & Company – Inducted 1999  

Frank G. Hough Founder, Frank G. Hough Company – Inducted 1994  

H. Ashley Barber CEO, Barber-Greene Company – Inducted 1994  

William B. Greene Co-Founder, Barber-Greene Company Inducted 1994 

Charles Johnson * Founder, C.S. Johnson Company – Inducted 1993  

Harry H. Barber Co-Founder, Barber-Greene Company – Inducted 1993  

*There is little information on where C.S. Johnson Company was founded. Charles was a civil engineer from the University of Illinois  
Outside of the U.S., Germany leads as the county with the second most inductees.  

Friedrich W. Schwing, Sr. Founder, Schwing GmbH – Inducted 2013 

Helmut Claas Chairman of the Shareholder’s Committee, CLAAS KGaA mbH – Inducted 2013 

Dr. Hans Liebherr Founder, Liebherr Company – Inducted 2010  

Reinhard Wirtgen Founder, Wirtgen GmbH – Inducted 1999 

The AEM Hall of Fame does not just look back; it also looks forward. It serves as a catalyst for ongoing innovation, encouraging today's leaders to push boundaries and explore new horizons. It's a reminder that the equipment and technologies that build, feed, and power our world are the results of bold ideas and daring ventures. As we honor the past, we also pave the way for the future, inspiring new generations to carry the torch of innovation and leadership. 

The AEM Hall of Fame continues to grow and is accepting nominations for the 2024 class until Friday, June 14th. To submit a nomination for consideration, click here to fill out the form. Looking for tips on how to make your nomination stand out? Read How to Submit a Better Nomination.

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For more AEM news and updates, subscribe to the AEM Industry Advisor.

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