Contractors Pump Technical Committee (CPTC)

Product Focus

The Contractors Pump Technical Committee (CPTC) promotes matters of mutual interest to manufacturers of portable pumps and pump components, specifying engineers, pump distributors & dealers, and pump users. The pumps which are produced by the CPTC are utilized for general dewatering and for a multitude of applications such as: construction, mining, by-pass, shallow-well dewatering, irrigation, flood control, water supply & transfer, dust control, oil & gas exploration, and for various other purposes.


The CPTC promotes matters of mutual interest to contractor pump users, manufacturers and major parts and component suppliers.

The purposes of the bureau are to:

  • Develop and publish industry consensus standards for contractor pumps and auxiliary equipment.
  • Promote the common business interests of CPTC members and the industry as a whole.
  • Pursue such other activities as may lead to better service to the customer, and increased knowledge in the design, manufacture, and application of safer and more efficient products.
  • Influence, compile, disseminate, and promote knowledge and information regarding industry standards and international, national, state, & local governmental rules and regulations which may apply to the products and their use in order to encourage compliance.
Group Leadership


Win Blodgett

Holland Pump Manufacturing

Vice Chair

Dana Eller

MWI Pump Corporation

Second Vice Chair

Casey Carnes


AEM Staff Contact

Ed Lopez

AEM Technical Manager, Safety & Product Leadership