Ag Technology Leadership Group


Identify means by which AEM may better support this product group and provide direction to AEM service areas accordingly.


  • From a holistic perspective, identify product-specific challenges and areas of need.
  • Formulate solutions and/or determine means by which to address those challenges.
  • Employ and direct relevant AEM service teams and/or committees (or establish sub-committees/task forces) to take action on those solutions.


  • Primary Goals:
    • Automation/autonomous
    • Data/machine interoperability
    • Cybersecurity
  • Secondary/Supportive Goals:
    • Public perception/outreach
    • Connectivity
    • Power
    • Carbon


  • The Chair & Vice Chair are elected by the Group and serve a two-year term.


  • Up to 15 representatives whose companies are engaged in the technology space, including AEM Directors, Sector Board Directors and non-Director member executives and/or technology experts.


  • Either a face-to-face meeting or conference call/virtual meeting will be held at least two to three times each year or as required based on issues and activities.
  • AEM legislative team and any other relevant staff/committees will be invited to participate as required.
Group Leadership


Michael Gomes

Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.

Vice Chair

Seth Zentner

CLAAS of America, Inc.

AEM Staff Contact

Austin Gellings

Director, Agriculture Services