CE Technology Leadership Group


Determine the overall direction for AEM’s CE Sector related to digitization and drive awareness and adoption of technology within the industry.

2024 Priorities

Advocacy and Infrastructure
Engage with AEM's Advocacy Team while leveraging the "Benefits of Construction Equipment Technologies and their Impact on Society" report to educate regulators and lawmakers while providing input on the role of technologies in infrastructure investment.
Functional Safety
Engage with AEM's Safety & Product Leadership groups to review functional safety standards and provide input on electrification, autonomy, and other technologies integrated in construction.
Industry Awareness
Engage with end user associations to drive standard support and publication awareness while sharing consistent messaging related to digitization and interoperability as a pathway to future technologies.


  • Committee leadership consists of a Chair and Vice Chair(s) elected by the committee to serve a two-year term.


  • Approximately 20 representatives from member companies that represent and are engaged in the technology space.
  • Representatives can include AEM Board Directors, CE Sector Board Directors and member executives and/or technology experts.
  • Participants will represent a cross-section within the CE sector of the AEM membership to encourage positive interaction and different perspectives.
  • There are no term limits.


  • Quarterly conference calls/virtual meetings, with at least one face-to-face meeting each year.
Group Leadership


Jeff Drake


Vice Chair


AEM Staff Contact

Sara Feuling

Senior Director, Construction


John Somers

Vice President, Construction & Utility Sector