Commercial Worksite Equipment Statistics Committee (CWE)


The Commercial Worksite Equipment Statistics Committee (CWE) oversees North American and Worldwide statistical programs for trenching, directional boring, skid steer loaders, rough-terrain forklifts and attachments.  This committee normally meets together with the Forestry, Earthmoving & Excavator Statistics Committee (FEE) statistics committee in Spring and Fall each year.

The committee responsible for such equipment in Latin America can be found under CE Latin America Statistics Task Force.

Group Leadership


Erin Guajardo


Vice Chair

Sheree Fletcher

Doosan Bobcat

SEC Representative

Marcus Yang

Sany America

AEM Staff Contact

Jacquelyn La Favor - AEM Liaison

Senior Director, Statistics & Market Information


Eric Van Tubbergen - AEM Backup Liaison

Member Program & Project Manager, Statistics & Market Information