Statistics Executive Committee (SEC)


Define and direct the policies and procedures of the AEM North American Market Statistics Program.


  • Ensure that the actions, programs, and activities of the Statistics Council are consistent with the policies and determinations of AEM and its Board.
  • The SEC will resolve any conflicts in the relationship of product reporting versus committee. If companies petition the SEC to establish a new committee, the SEC will review and guide the group in organizing a committee or determine if it best fits in an existing committee.
  • Guidance and direction for the individual committees. Act as final authority on disputed issues at the committee level.
  • Define the structure of the Product Segments and how they relate to mandatory reporting requirements and SEC membership.
  • Provide input on the future of statistical, system, and program activities to the committees, staff, IPC and Board.
  • Oversight and resolution of data integrity issues.
  • Monitor and update the AEM Statistics Policy and Procedures Manual.
    • Vice Chair may opt to form a Policy and Procedures Review subcommittee.
    • Review and approve or decline changes presented by the subcommittee.
  • Maintain liaison as appropriate with Intercontinental Statistical Committee.

2023 Priorities

  • Establish new rules for sharing of highly aggregated data as approved by the Ag and CE Sector board in August and November 2022 meetings. 
  • Finalize recommendation to HAI on its establishment of Data Retention policy.
  • Reconcile Canadian Geography into iStat system, which are adjusted by Canadian Census results.
Group Leadership


James Shanholtzer

CNH Industrial

Vice Chair

Dawn Ditzenberger


AEM Staff Contact

Jacquelyn La Favor - AEM Liaison

Senior Director, Market Share Statistics


Rex Sprietsma - AEM Backup Liaison

Director, Market Share Statistics